ASHRAE 62: A Breath of Fresh Air!


Our March meeting will feature Mr. Dennis Stanke, ASHRAE Fellow and Life Member. In addition to being an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer, Dennis was a long-term member and Chair of the ASHRAE technical committee that developed Standard 62.1, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality. Dennis will be speaking on the Ventilation Rate Procedure, a multi-step process to calculate ventilation rates for individual spaces and zones within a building. This procedure raises ventilation rates by 20 to 80%, and more, over IMC 2006 values. As this procedure has been incorporated into the 2009 and later International Mechanical Codes, it is now a required task for code compliance in Knoxville, Knox County, and many other local jurisdictions.

Compliance with the ventilation rate procedure does allow the use of demand control ventilation however, so Dennis will also discuss DCV techniques which can help temper those increased values during times when occupancy varies.

The meeting will be Wednesday, March 18th, at 11:45. See our official notice here:

This meeting promises to be lively and we welcome discussion from those attending. Please consider inviting a guest!