Student Activities

The East Tennessee Chapter of ASHRAE has had a long lasting relationship with the local education community. With several major universities in the area, we are striving to introduce engineering related fields to as many young and talented minds as possible.

ASHRAE not only strives to increase visibility of careers in STEM fields to University students, but we also extend our reach to local K-12 schools to involve as many young students as possible.

Over the course of the next school year we have two key goals. First, we will work with several K-12 schools to increase interest in STEM fields for all age groups. And second, we will support the University of Tennessee chapter of ASHRAE. While these are not easy goals, we know that with the continued support of the members in our local chapter we will be able to involve as many bright young students as possible.

Our present directly impacts our future, and investing in our youths’ education is a key driver in building a sustainable tomorrow.

If you are interested in joining the Student Activities Committee, please contact committee chair Blake Forsythe at