March 21, 2018 Meeting at 11:30, Rothchild's Catering

Our March meeing will cover the subject of "AHRI 920 Standard for Dedicated Outside Air Systems" and How ASHRAE 90.1-2016 has incorporated it into this standard. Our presenter will be Mr. Paul Stewart, Director of Sales, Marketing & Service for DesertAire. Paul has a BS in Engineering from the University of Illinois , has Black Belt in Six Sigma,  and has over thirty years experience in Controls and Equipment Sales, Marketing and Service Management.

Outside air is a necessary part of the design of every HVAC System to provide adequate ventilation for occupants and spaces as called for in ASHRAE’s Standard 62, While outside air can provide cooling in mild weather, often it require both cooling and dehumidification before it can be introduced into a space. This frequently accomplished by Direct Expansion Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DX-DOAS).

Mr. Stewart will give a brief over view of the latest version of ASHRAE 62 and review the basics of dehumidification before  moving on to more detailed information on how typical DX-DOAS equipment operates. He will focus on the new performance standard, AHRI 920 which was approved in January 2016. This session will review the standard, and the benefits to the industry.