A Message from the President - Nancy McBee

Become part of the leadership in the top-ranking ASHRAE Chapter in Region VII!

As March begins, it is time for our Chapter to look for our upcoming leaders to emerge.  Many of you are already in the loop working through the various ASHRAE Chapter Chairs, and our Nomination Committee is working hard to develop lists of members who we feel will be major assets to our Chapter.

If YOU have an interest in being part of our Chapter Leadership Team, we want to know.

Areas of involvement – Programs, GGAC (Government Affairs), Membership Promotion, Historian, Honors / Awards, Student Activities, YEA (Young Engineers in ASHRAE), Research Promotion, Golf Event Planning, Roster, Reception Committee, Secretary, Communications and Website, etc.

You don’t necessarily need to volunteer to be a Committee Chairperson, but we need committee members who are willing to invest time, and who want to work their way up in our Chapter.

Please email me directly (nmcbee@trane.com) if you have an area in which you are interested in becoming more involved.  

By the way, “recycled” leaders work well too!