PHCC Trade Show and Technical Seminar

The Tennessee Association of Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors will be featuring their annual trade show and convention on Thursday May 7th at the Knoxville Marriott in downtown Knoxville. This event will include a free buffet lunch, beginning at 11:00 a.m. for all attendees. On the convention floor will be over 30 exhibitors and their representatives, with hands-on examples of equipment, piping, materials, and information for attendees. Much of this will be worthwhile information for our consulting engineering community and Owners, and for the sales guys - hey, come check out the competition! This will be a great time to network, meet folks that are a part of the construction team, and generally gain knowledge in our profession.

In conjunction with the trade show, the East Tennessee Chapter of ASHRAE and the TAPHCC will be sponsoring a seminar entitled "Dynamic Ductwork: From Design to Installation." ASHRAE will feature Jack Hopkins, Applied Engineering and TAPHCC will feature Don Davis of Shoffner/Kalthoff as presenters. Jack will present some theory but mostly practical design information duct design, including low pressure duct and VAV duct, as well as duct used for fumes and material handling. Drafting and utilization of duct fittings will be discussed, with both Jack and Don discussing the balance between available space, air movement, friction drop, and cost. Finally Don will discuss fabrication and field installation of duct, using fabricated examples that will be passed around for hands-on inspection. This will be a great opportunity to include both designers and installers in a seminar that will hopefully prompt a lively discussion!

 The seminar will start at 12:00 and end promptly at 1:00. RSVP's are not required, simply show up at the trade show! There will be pdh certificates available to attendees that request them. Afterwards will be a great time to take a walk through the trade show! Please consider participating in this event.

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