East Tennessee Chapter Number 1 in Research Promotion

Our Chapter was again first in Region Vll in total funds contributed for this year’s Research Promotion campaign. The Chapter received total contributions of $20,777 – surpassing Goal, High five Goal and Challenge Goal. The number of investors exceeded 100, topping the Region and exceeding many larger chapters such as Boston, New York, Atlanta and Dallas. Our chapter can take pride in this, especially in light of the present economy. Our thanks to the RP committee of John Sealy, Wayne Doane, David Kaminsky, Jon Driskill, Walter Law, David Mills, and Myron Carter for their efforts.

Society’s total goal for 2014 is $2,300,000. Our chapter is approximately 1% of that – a significant part of the amount.

When you are asked to support ASHRAE and wonder if your donation makes a difference, we can honestly say “yes, it does.” Over 90% of funds raised go to actual research. Of the remainder, most of it goes to education and foundation assignments. Only about $6,000.00 is used for administration.

John Sealy and Wayne Doane attended the Centralized Research Promotion Training Session in Chicago on September 20 and 21. They came back with many ideas to increase our contributions for next year.