November 14, 2018 Meeting at Rothchild Catering, 11:45 a.m.

Nov Speaker.png

Our November speaker will be Robert Landes, Product Manager for Positive Displacement Chillers at Daikin Applied. Robert will be presenting on “Emerging Chiller Technology - How it will Affect Your System Choice”

Changes in air cooled chiller technology have resulted in efficiency increases in 40-50% over the past decade. With this new found efficiency, air-cooled systems can now rival water cooled systems from a total utility cost perspective. Come learn how to objectively compare the two systems using energy analysis and get informed on the hidden details people frequently miss when comparing chilled water systems.

In an ever-changing HVAC landscape, keeping at the forefront of technology is a never-ending challenge. As a Chiller Product Manager for Daikin, the world’s largest HVAC manufacturing corporation, Rob works to ensure Daikin’s screw and scroll chiller products are not only efficient and reliable, but also at the cutting edge of innovation. For 10 years, Rob has worked for Daikin Applied both in product management and application engineering roles. Prior to this he worked with various HVAC products as a service technician for a family-owned service and installation contractor. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Integrated Science and Technology from James Madison University.