April 17, 2019 Meeting at Rothchild Catering, 11:45 a.m.

Our speaker(s) for April will be Dr. Bill Miller and a group of senior mechanical engineering students.

Each year Mechanical Engineering (ME) students from the University of Tennessee are tasked with a Senior Capstone design. The ASHRAE East Tennessee chapter provided funds to support a ME team (Daniel Howard, Henry Gilbert, Zach Latham, Kyle Mckellar and David Ruzicka) with the build of a portable refrigeration breadboard trainer (RBT). The RBT consists of two separate but parallel condensing units. The one unit features a single-speed scroll compressor, the other is equipped with a more conventional reciprocating compressor. Compressor calorimeter maps were acquired from Copeland Compressor and pressure and temperature instrumentation added to monitor the thermal performance of the two side-by-side refrigeration units. All equipment is packaged on a portable and lightweight metal table. Students have developed a low cost credit-card sized data acquisition system using Raspberry PI and Arduino electronics. Refrigerant routines were also programmed in MatLab for computing refrigerant-side energy balances for compressor, condenser and the evaporator. The RBT will be adopted into a required senior-level ME course along with an existing water-source A/C trainer to spur interest among ME students in HVAC.

The meeting will be held at Rothchild Catering. Come as early as 11:30 for social time, lunch will be served at 11:50, and our program will begin around noon.